I got an award!!!

Friday, 19 December 2008


I can't believe it! I've never got an award before!!
Thank you so much to Chrissie for thinking of me. I haven't even been blogging for very long so I'm really thrilled!

So now for the rules, which are:
Link to whoever gave you the award and pass it on and link to 5 others.
You also have to write down 5 things you are addicted to!

1. I have very quickly become addicted to blogging!
2. both the MAC and JS forums
3. Crafting (whenever I can get the time)
4. Buying craft stash (which is a totally different addiction to actually crafting!!)
5. My family - and especially at the moment with my nephew Ryan and new niece Holly

And now I have to pass the award on to 5 others. This is a difficult task. Not because I don't think everyone deserves it but because I think everyone does deserve it!
So, my five are (in alphabetical order)
Andria, Calvin, Irene, Maddy & Suzanne


Chrissie said...

You're very welcome Sheena!
I received lots of encouragement when I first started my blog and I like to do the same to new bloggers.
Your creations are just lovely and I enjoy visiting your blog so much.

iReneM said...

Oh thank you Sheena!!
I have been a lazy blogger this week due to pressures other than crafting hahaha
I shall put it on my blog tomorrow. Off out tonight
Thank you so much

Suzanne said...

Wow I have to say a big thank you as this is my first time visiting this site and I love how you have done it - stunning work , but to be given this award makes it an extra special visit
So thank you kindly - I will be sorting out my awards in the next few days , so thank again

Suzanne - i`ll be back

Andria said...

Thank you very much Sheena, but as i'm still new to blog land lol, ehat do I do next please? ;-)

Andria said...

Aha I think i know what I'm doing now lol. Thanks again.
- Andria