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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hi everyone!


I had such an exciting week this week when Game Of Thrones came to visit!

They film a lot of the series in Northern Ireland and I knew they had been close by before but I had never seen where they were filming before.  Then they approached my Daddy to see if they could use some of our land to shoot some scenes!  I couldn't believe it when he told me that they were coming!

They arrived last Monday evening and they used the yard at my grannies house as their base unit and did the filming just up the road.

We went to the place the day before they started shooting to see what was going on and they were busy preparing the set with props etc.

I am trying to be very careful in showing pics as HBO are very strict about that, but I'm just showing a few of the things that could be seen at any time (if you know what I mean)

Here's a bit of the yard at my grannies house and some of the many trucks that were parked in it.  The first caravan was for one of the stars of the show and the second one was the directors.  There is another one somewhere for the other main star who was there and then there were 2 other actors too.  It's so hard to not give anything away! lol!
There are also trucks here for make-up and costumes.  There's more for hair and catering on over.  That's my little sister and her friends by the wall.  Not stalking at all! lol!

Here is a picture of the beautiful location where this all took place.  I'm so lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful part of the world!

Here are the signs showing where the set is - and of course, there had to be road works!

Here is the bridge on our land where they did some filming.  I have used an image that shows the bridge as it is.

And there is a little house on the land that was also used.  We were so lucky to be allowed in to look around before the filming and see all that was done to it.  I can only show the doorway as there were a lot more props around the house than at the bridge!
This is me and my brother and sister.

On the first day of the shoot, we went to the set when they were filming at the bridge and we got to see a few scenes.  I was amazed at how many people are involved in the whole process and how friendly they all were!  We weren't allowed to talk to the cast though and unfortunately didn't get to meet them as their schedule was so tight, they did manage to sign a couple of things for us but the whole experience was fantastic and something that I won't forget for a long time!

So all this excitement has gotten me in a good mood!  I thought it was only fair to share the excitement and good mood by having a little blog candy!

I don't know how I managed it, but I mistakenly ordered two sets of the summer stamps from the Magnolia Stamp Club.  So I thought I'd give the spare set away - and as "Winter Is Coming" :) I thought I'd better get a move on! lol!  The set consists of six full size characters, six additional stamps (like shells and a map etc) and two sentiments.  Please note - these stamps are in sheets and have not got the foam backing included for mounting on blocks.
I also happened to buy two of the same set of Spellbinders "Decorative Labels One" dies a while back so I'll give the spare set away too! :)

So all you have to do to win the candy above is to follow me and leave me a comment saying which of the options on the left is your favourite way to follow.  It's a bit of a pain having to have so many different ways to follow, so if I can get rid of one that would be great!  This isn't an absolute requirement to win the candy, it's more just for my information!
I'd also like you to put the above picture on your side-bar linking back to here so as to spread the word.
Lastly, enter your name etc in the linky below so as it's an easy job for me to pick a winner!
One entry per person!
The candy will stay open until just before midnight on the 31st August and I'll announce the random winner shortly after that.

Thanks for looking and good luck!


Yvonne Garner said...

How exciting! I prefer Friends Connect. Thanks for asking.

Avril Ann said...

How exciting Sheena, and such a beautiful part of the world to be living in, so rugged, a bit like Scotland, further north, than I am in Edinburgh, love you candy and will pop onto my blog side bar, so generous, love and hugs xxx

Elaine said...

I love game of thrones ! Currently watching season 2. I prefer bloglovin as its far quicker but I do use google friends as well. However I have been experiencing problems when I try to follow with google ! How lucky to have such beauty on your doorstep x

paper fun said...

Your photos are fantastic!! What a thrill and an honor. What an experience.

I especially enjoyed the photo of you. I feel that I know you so well and it is nice to have a face to put to you messages.

Great blog candy. I am following you with google and bloglovin.


Sandy Trefger said...

How exciting! You (your property) is famous and such a beautiful place too. I followed by Blog Lovin' I like how I can organize the different blogs I follow into folders.

Laurian said...

Wow Sheena that looks so much fun!!! I have been on a couple of film sets and they are generally lovely people and very welcoming - you'll have to let us know when it will be screened so we can all watch your little patch of Ireland!
Wonderful candy, so very generous of you!
I follow blogs the old fashioned way being old fashioned, lol!!

Anne said...

Hi Sheena how exciting. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world. Lovely photo of you, your sister and brother. Anne x

JayBe said...

OMG! I am sooo jealous right now, Sheena - I am addicted to the Game of Thrones and am currently reading the books after watching the series. I can't believe they were on your land, which looks so beautiful - I will keep my eyes open for the scenes in the next series.

Your blog candy looks fantastic - thanx so much for the chance to win. I have always used Google to follow, although I have read that it was supposed to shut down, but it still let me join :)

Off to display your candy now, hun.

Big hugz, Jan xx

lorraine reeve said...

hey hope ur well ur post sounded very exciting and not just the free candy fabulous pictures.. I prefer google+

Patricia said...

Well Miss Sheena, that special visit puts you on the map, doesn't it? Good for you. Would love to see Ireland -it's on my bucket I've just started following with Blog Lovin' and I think I will like it best. I do like the group folder idea. Great blog candy! I haven't purchased any Magnolia as they are pretty expensive here in the States but I love them so much. And Spellbinders is a favorite too. Way to go girlie!

Eithne said...

Hey Sheena, wow wow wee! I LOVE LOVE LOVE G.O.T.!!!! How lucky are you to have that on your doorstep. My husband and I have often thought about driving up to where they are filming, only couldn't put two babies through that!! I'm counting down til April already :) I would be über jealous if Jon Snow was there :D ;) I am already a follower, but thanks for the chance to win the candy. I'm still doing the old fashioned way of google friends connect, although some say blog lovin is better, I don't know myself!
Thanks, Eithne

Kate T said...

Wow that sounds really exciting !
wonderful candy...glad I'm not the only person who accidentally orders duplicates ! I prefer blogger but use both blogger and bloglovin.
Kate x

Ardilla said...

Hi, Sheena!
Thanks for the invitation to your blog... I became a follower!
Please, come and be a follower of mine as well.
Ardilla :)

Lori Aragon said...

Well it looks like I'm in the minority... I prefer Feedly as I can connect and comment without the hassle of Bloglovin...I'm following you with Google as your newest follower :)

Although I'm not familiar with GOT, I can appreciate all the EXCITEMENT of having all the activity right at your doorstep! Simply WOW!!! Your land is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thank you for offering this incredible candy. I hope Mr. RANDOM allows me to give it a good home :)

Love and hugs, Lori

Linda W. said...

Hi Sheena! Oh my what beautiful scenery! I live in SW Wisconsin and the most magnificent I ever see is the Mississippi River! hahaha! But I'm now a follower using Blogger. I have not heard of Blog Lovin so will definitely look into that. I love your blog candy - my goodness that is more than I have in my collection!!! Have a sweet day and see you on SALS!

Julia said...

Beautiful photos, what a lovely place to be at.Thanks for the chance to win this amazing candy, posted one my side bar hope you get lots of entries.
About the followers, I usually use Blogger - Google, but am learning to love Bloglovin'.

Julye said...

how excitng love GOT and lucky you growing up in such a fab place and good to know you appreciate it as so many peeps who live in fab places don't.Have now become a follower as have been away from blog land for around 2 years and just started collecting dies and love magnolia though haven't got a huge collection so your candy is a real bonus.Thanks .

Natasha said...

Wow that sounds like you've had an exciting time, love G.O.T. I follow on GC and bloglovin. Thanks for the chance to win. Hugs xNx

Spyder said...

ohoo how lucky one of us might be because you've been so forgetful, although, I know I've done the same thing! Lovely pictures, must make sure I see the film! I'm stuck in my 'old ways' and prefer the old google friends, although I guess the bloglovin has tken over very well. I do like that you're emailed every time some one new follows. Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck to everyone!

ike said...

OMGoodness - how exciting and what a gorgeous place to live !!!!
Rightho- I like the 'normal' Followers thingy with the little photos :-)
Candy is amazing and thank you for the chance to win :-D
Candy pic duly posted on my blog :-D

IKE xxxxxx

ike said...

Ooops - forgot to say that I live in GREECE - so I hope that's OK if I win the candy ?

hoptownracer1 said...

Such a pretty setting for a film! What a neat place to live!
I really like Bloglovin. I love getting an email with the newest creations every day! I love seeing what people create!

Helena (Gvendalen) said...

How exciting Sheena! Such a beautiful part of the world to be living in! About the followers, I usually use Blogger - Google. Thank you for offering this incredible candy. I add the pic of candy on sidebar on my blog. hugs, Helena

Cazzy said...

Wow, that was a great day, you should be able to dine out on that for years!
I found you via Spyder's blog, so hopped on over.
If I should be lucky enough to win, I would like to give the stamps to someone else, I hate Magnolia characters, except for the horse!
As for following, I don't know, the old way in reader didn't ever disappear so what was that all about, did we need Bloglovin? I have that then there is networked blogs, and have hardly any followers in the latter two. I sometimes follow using all three options just in case, but it is silly. I don't like how the latter two present the blog either, except for the side by side bit in NB, that is cool.

Gail said...

Hi Sheena - what a lovely place to live - I am following your on the blog where it reads followers. I will place your candy on my blog on the right side - thank you for this opportunity to win some fab candy - and thanks for the lovely pictures and sharing your story - have a grand week! Gail USA

Linda said...

WOW, you live in a beautiful country.

And I love your creations. Thanks for stoppng by my blog, appreciate it.

I do everything via google, to me its easiers and almost everyone is on it.

Natalie Z. *Paselska* said...

Hi Sheena..
Thank you for the chance to win this awesome candy, I became you new follower and post your sweet candy on my sidebar.
By the way, Your photos are fantastic!!!!
I like to use Blogger - Google:))
Welcome to my blog:))
Hugs Natalie xx

UTs Hobby Time said...

Hi Sheena,
Awesome snapshots. Beautiful place too.
I am your new follower and I always prefer Google Friends Connect, as it's safe to use.
Added you candy on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win the fabulous candy.

Nikki said...

I've been using Blog lovin it's so fantastic to organize things :) but I do miss google's reader it was my fave
thanks for the chance hugs Nikki

Edith said...

Hi Sheena, what a great candy! Thanks for the Chance to win!
I´m following you with the traditional Google friends connect tool!
Have a great time!

Vicky F. AKA Crafting Vicky said...

wow that's really fun to know the area that this is being filmed in!!! I prefer the blogger to follow. And wow that's really awesome candy! I so looooove magnolias!!! ;o)

Beverley Lowe said...

Hi Sheena - thanks for the chance to win some great candy! I prefer friends connect x

Glennis said...

How exciting for you! I prefer friends connect.
Thanks for the chance to win your candy

Nana said...

How exciting, great pics. What a FANTASTIC goveaway. Thanks for a chance at winning. I prefer Blog Lovin to all the rest. I have your candy on my side bar.
Have a creative day.
Hugs Nana
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♥ Silhouette Challenges ♥

Pam said...

How exciting!!! The scenery is just beautiful. I live in the hills of North Carolina and it looks similar to your landscape. Thank you for the chance to win such generous candy! I have 4 sets of spellbinders and love them and am trying to slowly acquire more. I am also a avid stamp user. Thanks again!

Fit Kitty said...

This is wonderful - thank you for offering the candy! I have posted it on my right-hand sidebar. For following you, I prefer Bloglovin' - but I am following you on both Bloglovin' and Google. Thanks for the chance to win your candy!

KT Fit Kitty
P.S. I have candy on my blog too.

Annelies said...

Very exciting when they're filming so close near your home! I must say it looks fantastic there! I'm not so good with computer stuff, so I'm following your blog on the old way, which I know best: Google. Thanks for a chance to win great candy! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

Edilza Teixeira said...

Oi Sheena!!!

É um prazer enorme conhecer o seu blog. Gosto de seguir os blogs através do Followers. Obrigada por compartilhar conosco esses doces maravilhosos. Parabéns pelas fotos fantásticas.

1 - Seguidora = OK
2 - Barra Lateral do Blog = OK




Solange Barreto. (Lange) said...

Olá Sheena!!!
Maravilhosa experiência você está vivendo, emocionante. É realmente um lugar de sonho, belíssimo.
Obrigada por partilhar esse super doce.
Eu prefiro os seguidores.
Beijo, fique com Deus.

Karin Bertsche said...

Thank you for the chance to win! I prefer google...


piecesandpaper said...

Love your blog and google one is the best i suppose

Sônia Herminio said...

Olá Sheena, parabéns pelo evento do filme. Imagino a sua emoção. Obrigada pela oportunidade. Amei seu blog. Beijos.

Dreamtime Designs said...

OMGoodness Sheena, I totally love G.O.T!! Would you like me to come & visit you & keep you company while they are there? lol. Love that show hun & wow...totally envious here :) You will definately have to keep us updated, that's for sure.

In answer to your question, I prefer to follow on the Google one. I know what you mean though. I have a few following options on my blog too. However, I guess everyone has their fav way of following. Thanks so much for asking though & thank you for the wonderful opportunity of winning your candy. I am a Maggie lover & love designing with them. Anyway, have a great day & thank you so much for being so generous. Hugs, Lisa.

Dreamtime Designs:
Blog: (Blog Candy)
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Yoly e Suas Artes said...

Olá Sheena. Parabéns pelas lindas fotos!!!!
Obrigada pela oportunidade de participar desses doces maravilhosos!!!
Amei seu blog, voltarei!!! Bjs!!!

Laila B. said...

Wow... Great news!!!
Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous candy. And I prefer Google Friend Connect!!!
Hugs, Laila

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I just clicked on followers and joined. I just found you. Thanks for a chance at the candy too!

ellyscard creatief said...

I just foud you and I clicked on followers by Google friends. Thats my favorit.
Thanks for the chance to win your lovely candy.
I addet it on my sidebar.
Hope you have time to visit my blog too.
I have a candy too.
Gr Elly

ellyscard creatief said...

Hello Sheena. I am your new follower on Google Friends,thats my favorit.
Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful candy.I addet it on my sidebar.
Hope you have time to visit my blog too.
Gr Elly

PS My cady ends 31 Aug.

Catherine said...

Hey Sheena,

Am a new follower... Loved the Blog and especially your pics.. Brilliant photography...
Thats a lovely candy and thank you for the chance at this wonderful candy!!!
I am with Bloglovin too. But still find the Blogger(Google) one comfortable.
Thank u once again.


Regina said...

hello, Sheena
your card is so pretty and your coloring is fantastic! Great work!
I’m now a follower on your blog and I have added your candy in my sidebar.
Thanks for being generous enough to offer such gorgeous candy to win!

ionabunny said...

Hi, what fun! I always look for google friends connect button first or follow by email if the first option isn't available. I have the bloglovin button but I think the thing about google reader affecting your blog list may have been a ploy by another site to get you to switch. I haven't noticed any difference to my feed but have left the bloglovin button on my blog. I don't sign up anywhere else. G+ you have to have yet another account!! How tedious is that. Great candy. Thanks for the chance

Márcia Kamano said...

Thanks for the chance! You are very generous! Prefer to follow by google
I'm posting the candy on the sidebar of my blog:
Hugs from Brazil