Another Award!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Thanks to Andria for passing this award on to me...


The awful thing about this award is that you have to list 10 interesting this about yourself!!! There really aren't that many interesting things about me!!!
But I had a go and jotted down a few things, so here goes!!

1. I'm from Northern Ireland.

2. I work in a quarry, which is a family run business and we're celebrating 50 years in business this year!! (although I've only been working here for about 10 years)

3. I have a gorgeous nephew - 17 month old Ryan - and a beautiful niece - his sister 2 1/2 month old Holly.

4. I didn't do art at school (can't you tell!!) - but I've always been a bit crafty.

5. I'm into Rock and Heavy Metal music - my favourite band is Queens of the Stone Age (Although I'm really into King's of Leon at the mo...Ha, Kings & Queens!!!)

6. I don't smoke - infact, I hate smoking & was happy when the ban came in!! (Controversial?!?!)

7. I bought my own house in 2003 - by myself - and I want to build sometime in the future (when I meet and marry a rich and handsome man!!!)

8. Not really about me as such, but - my best friend is getting married this year (and I'm making her invitations!)

9. I hate dogs. (love cats though!)

10. Ummm... I have a funny wee toe!!

So there you are, some insightful facts there about me! Now to pass it on... It's so hard passing on these awards as so many people have already got them, but as far as I can tell, these people have not yet got this one (sorry if you have already) and they all deserve it anyway!!

In no particular order...

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Chrissie said...

Thanks so much for this award Sheena, I really appreciate it.
Loved your 10 interesting facts, (you sound interesting to me!!)LOL!

Lesley said...

Thank you for the award Sheena! xx