An 80 on my ROBO...

Sunday, 22 February 2009

I was asked to make a last minute card for a lady who has just turned 80, and I thought all the cards I've been making lately are a bit wee girly so I wanted to do something a bit different. So I went to Time 4 Crafting for inspiration and downloaded an "80" template to cut out on my ROBO. There are some fabulous templates and projects on that site - you should check it out.

So here it is:


I also cut out the wording with my ROBO - I couldn't get a decent picture of it but here's a slightly closer picture:


You can also see my dodgy faux stitching on that pic!
The papers are Basic Grey Sugared and I stamped the Serendipity rose stamp that I used the other day and embossed it with pink EP. A few swarovski crystals and that's it.
I didn't bother taking a picture of the inside as I didn't actually do anything on the inside! With the cut shape I couldn't really do anything without taking up space for writing a message (well I suppose I could've done something, but didn't I mention it was a last minute jobby!!)

So I'm still way behind on the invites, but tomorrow's a new day and I WILL get loads done!!

We'll see...!

Thanks for looking! I really love read your comments and thank you to those who do!


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Sarah-Jane said...

Hi hun, There is an award for you on my blog !
Sarah-Jane xx
P.S. It's my birthday on tue and dh is getting me some pro-markers, wooo hooo ! SOOOO excited, please pass on any top tips...