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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

This is a call particularly to anyone who was a member of the Mad About Cards forum.  As you may have noticed, the forum has been down now for over a week, without warning.
Unfortunately it seems that the forum will not be back up and running again.
But never fear!  A few of us have been in contact through facebook and have set up another forum.  Please feel free to go and join us there - anyone can, not just ex-mac members.  We are a small group of friendly crafters with lots to talk about!  I love the fact that we are a small group as we have become good friends, but there's always room for a few more!

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Lynne said...

Thanks for putting this up Sheena, I didn't bother on my blog 'cos I rarely seem to get to it just lately. I really need to cut a lot of unnecessary rubbish out of my days, to concentrate on the things that are important to me, like making cards and my blog!!