Australia - Part 3

Sunday, 15 April 2012

If you've stuck with me so far, well done and thanks!  If you want to start from the start, then go to Part 1.  This is the last of my photo's and in part 2 I left off that we were on our way back to Perth.

We had quite a long flight back to Perth first though, over 5 hours!

The night we arrived back in Perth we went for a meal - Here's Aishling, Leanne and me

And we celebrated Colin's birthday while we were there!

 We only had a couple of days in Perth before we were due to go home so we decided to go to the zoo and get some pictures of kangaroos, saying as we didn't get any of the one we saw in the wild in Melbourne.

And we saw lizardy things!

And snakey things - this one was trying to escape!

And more lizardy things!

And frogs

A rather large Crocodile

An Emu, it did try to attack us but I didn't see Rod Hull (lol, wee one for UK people there!)

And yay!  Some kangaroos!  They were a bit lazy though!


And would ye look at the pose of this boyo!  And there's a wee wallaby in the background.

This is a Tazmanian Devil.

And look at the cute Koala!  I loved them, they looked so cuddly and so stoned!  They were hard to get a good picture of though, away up in the trees, my camera kept focusing on the branches between us.  This is the best of a bad lot.

And here's another wee Wallaby

This fella put the cheeky in Cheeky Monkies!  He hung off the fence and drew a crowd and then pointed, em, himself towards said crowd and did a big pee!  Thankfully there was a fence for us to stand behind and he didn't quite reach us!

This lady had her wee baby orangutan with her but I couldn't get a decent picture of it.

And this chap has been wandering the earth for a very long time.

I love giraffes.  They're so elegant and pretty, I could look at them for hours!

These little chaps were very busy scurrying about the place.  And I didn't hear one Russian accent!

A happy Rhino is the best kind of Rhino!

As is a Sleepy Lion!  (Brave birdy!)

I thought he was scarey enough when he was asleep, then he opened his eyes!

This is a tree kangaroo.  Isn't it gorgeous!

And this is Perth from the zoo side of the water.  We got a boat back across.

And then we went to an interesting pub!

On our last night in Australia we went down to the beach to watch the sun set.  The view over the Indian Ocean was spectacular!

Here's the six of us all together on our last night.

So four of headed off home stopping off in Singapore.  We didn't get to feel the air in Singapore on our way over cos we never left the terminal but Colin spotted a roof-top bar, so we called in (or out) there on our way home.  It was night time but it was like walking into a sauna!  It was so hot and humid!  We had a couple of drinks and when we stood up, our clothes were sticking to us!
Don't let the jackets fool you, we had just left the air-conditioned terminal and the jackets soon came off!

Then we had a 12 hour flight to Frankfurt.  Which was bad enough.  But when we arrived in Frankfurt we were told that some flights were cancelled due to industrial action.  Yeah, almost all flights were cancelled, including ours!  So after a while trying to organise some way home we settled down at the bar for a 14 hour wait til our re-scheduled flight!

I'm glad it was the last flight that was affected like this and not one that we would've missed a connecting flight over, but we could've done without it.  46 hours after I left Leanne's house I went through my own front door.  I suppose that sort of explains the jet-lag!

So over 2 and a half weeks - 50 hours of which flying on 9 seperate flights (and not including time in the airports!) - train journeys, boats, buses and cars, I can say I had an absolutely fantastic time!  Even with the fact that everything was very expensive, the bars were so hard to get into (you had to bring your passport with you which was scanned and you were photographed and stamped after being scrutanised by security staff!) and the length of time getting there, I would go back in the morning!  The people were so friendly and you couldn't go into a shop without ending up chatting to the people in it!
And the weather wasn't bad either!

Thanks for sticking with me!


Anne said...

Hi Sheena loved all the photos and your narrative to go wih it. Brought back many bhappy memories for me. We didn't go to Perth so it was interesting to see your pics and read what you had to say about it. I loved Aus and would go back again despite the sometimes horrendous journey there and back!! Thanks for sharing Anne x

Neesie said...

I've just visited your WOYWW but had to take a peek to see what you got up to on your visit here to Australia.
It is kinda special isn't it. Sorry you never got to see any Kangeroo's in Melbourne ~ I haven't seen any wild and I've been here for 3 years although I have to say I have seen Koala's.
The passport issue is due to your age I'm afraid I have never been asked to produce mine...just an old bird :$
I'm glad that even with the distance and horrendous journey you still have such a positive view of the trip.
My sister-in-law is here staying from the UK and has had terrible trouble with her jet lag. That's one of the reasons why I can visit you now...she's sleeping! I tend to get over it quite quickly now so maybe a few more trips and you'll be fine ;D
Have a good week...enjoy!