That was scarey!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Phew!  I've got my blog back!
I came home from my holidays to find that my blog had been hacked and malware had been put on it!  So anytime anyone tried to get on to my blog they got a big red message saying that it was an attack page!  So I had to spend ages going through codes and script to figure out what to delete, and then get the message removed from my page.  Unfortunately, I've lost a few followers, but I wouldn't blame them, I'm relieved to get it sorted out though.  So a wee warning to everyone, change your password regularly and be careful about what third party widgets and apps you add.  Oh and take a back-up regularly!

Apart from that it's been quite a hectic time since I came home from my holidays on Saturday night.  My wee neice was in hospital cos she had a fit due to a high temperature, she's fine now though thankfully!
My elderly neighbour is in hospital too cos he collapsed at home and another neighbour happened to notice that he wasn't about, so she got some help and had to break into his house to rescue him, lucky for him that he has good neighbours!  I noticed when I came home that something didn't seem right at his house and then found out what happened, I visited him last night and he seems to be in good spirits.
I also found out that the father of one of my colleagues had died, so that was sad.
Also there has been a blip between some friends that has got to me too.

So all in all, I can't decide whether to stay away on holidays or to never go away again!
It was a fantastic holiday so I think I probably will go away again! ;p

Stay safe everyone!


Jules said...

Oh my Sheena . scarey indeed.

I must admit if that happened to my blog I would probably have to just shut it all down because I wouldn't have the foggiest idea how to sort it out!! Well done you for getting it back again!!

Love Jules xx

Sheena said...

I had my doubts if I was gonna get it back Jules, those codes are basically all jibberish! But I saw a few things that matched the code that they said was causing the problems and deleted them, then I had to ask blogger/google to check my page for me again before I knew if it worked or not. Thankfully it seems to have done the trick.

Anne said...

Hi Sheena glad you enjoyed your holiday but sorry to hear about all the other stuff. I could not get onto my blog tonight and had to change password but I am still not sure all is well with it. I wouldn't have a clue what to do if I'd problems you've had. Anne x

Anne said...

Hi Sheena glad you had good holiday sorry to hear the rest of your news. Had trouble getting onto my blog tonight - don't know what's going on. Wouldn't have a clue how to do what you've had to do to yours. Anne x

Rufus said...

Sheesh! Not sure if you should be allowed to leave anymore! Seem to be dangerous for your neighborhood. Glad you got the blog back, well done you!

coops said...

so pleased you are back sheena and that you managed to sort out your blog.i`m with jules in that i wouldn`t of had a clue how to fix it.

xx coops xx