Had a very eventful evening!

Friday, 28 September 2012

 Hi everyone!

I'm feeling very lucky at the moment that I'm at home and able to write this
message. My brother and I were in quite a serious accident this evening. We
were traveling to see a comedian in Belfast and were on a back road and came
round a corner and suddenly the car started sliding as a patch of the road had
just been surface dressed and had loose stones all over it. The car kept going
until we were facing the way we came and then kept going over the hedge and down
a big drop and rolled twice before stopping on its roof. I just couldn't believe
it had happened! Thankfully we were both relatively OK - my brother is actually
fine, not a scratch on him! I have a couple of cuts on my face and my hands are
cut all over them but it's my shoulder that's causing the most discomfort at the
moment as I felt it hit off the ground on one of the rolls. Thankfully no broken
bones or torn ligaments - I went to A&E and they x-rayed my shoulder and face
and patched me up. A few paper stitches on my face and I have to wear a sling
for a few days.
We are both so so lucky to be alive!


Barb King said...

Wow, how frightening! Glad that you are both OK!

scrappymo! said...

Oh my goodness...that is terrible.Take ace and don't tax that shoulder.
You are both so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheena, how scary for you and your brother, that must of been so frightening. Thank goodness that you are both ok! Hope your shoulder eases quickly and you aren't in too much pain.

I'm sure you will relive the awful accident many times but try not to think about the what if's, remain with the positive thoughts of making a full recovery.

My thoughts are with you and your brother, big hugs xx

Marie-Louise said...

That sounds like a very close call Sheena. Glad both of you got away with as few cuts and scrapes as you did.

Karen said...

So pleased to hear that you're OK'ish after the accident. Take it easy and rest, then you can craft again soon. Take care.

Neesie said...

Oh my...I was on my way to your desk but started to read this post...what an incredible shock for you both.
That must have given you both such a shake-up. It's good to hear you are both okay but take it easy...sometimes it can affect you far more than you first think :)

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh my that's sounds awful. But I'm so glad you're both ok. Take care and rest up ZO xx

Claire said...

Good grief - not quite what I was expecting to read! Glad you are both okay(ish), look after yourself! Love and Light Claire xx

coops said...

so pleased you are both ok and here to tell us what happened.someone up there was certainly looking after you both tonight.take care hun amd i hope you are better and over the shock soon.

xx coops xx

Asha said...

Oh thank goodness you're fine. Must have been pretty scary. Stay put and get plenty of rest. Glad you both came out relatively unscathed. Phew!

Sheilagh said...

Popped by to thank you for your kind comment and was shocked to see this post. I hope you both are feeling better very soon, take care xx


Cazzy said...

What a terrifying experience for you both, so glad you are both O.K.

I don't know if you have visited Quirky Crafts (I haven't heard from you), because if you do you will see you won the challenge there a week ago!

Cazzy x

Patricia said...

So glad you are ok. Take it easy for a while until that shoulder heals up. ~ Hugs