Foto Friday

Friday, 26 August 2011

I thought I'd take part in this weeks Foto Friday - a fab idea that Lori had and hopefully you'll be able to see more fab foto's on her blog


Two years ago today I headed off to my first ever Formula One Grand Prix!
After being a fan for 13 years and never even being at any kind of race I was so excited!
So, this is a picture I took during the race - I was actually a bit disappointed when I took the picture as the 2 Ferrari's were on the track together and I wanted to get a picture with both of them in it as I'm a big Ferrari fan!  But it's not the easiest thing to get a picture of one car going past you at 200mph never mind 2!!
I was pleasantly surprised though, when I took a closer look at the photo and saw that I got Kimi Raikkonen - who went on to win the race - with a plume of sparks coming out the back of the car!
So here it is - the picture was taken just as the car was heading into the famous Eau Rouge corner.


That brings back some fantastic memories!  The Belgian GP is on this weekend and it'll be the first one I've watched live on TV in 3 years as I was at the last 2 races there, I'm kind of sad that I'm not there again, but I don't think the credit card could take it again!

Thanks for looking!

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Andria said...

Great photo, holds great memories for you:) . I've joined in this week, but think we might be the only ones as nothing on loris blog :( .