Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It's time for another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (in fact, it's almost past time for it, again!).  So lets see all the busy/messy/tidy/lovely workdesks all over the world at Julia's place.

I tidied my desk up today as I had to take some "proper" work home and needed space for it so my desk is actually tidy at the moment - 2012 looks like it could be the year of the tidy desk!  (It probably won't last for long!)
I was glad to get home today as I'm a little poorly :(  I'd gotd a sduffed node and a sore head and generady feelind a bid icky :'(

My post from last week seemed to appeal to those of you with an obsession for markers (like me!)  My (non-crafty) friends and family think I'm mad that I think so much of my markers but I know you all share those feelings.
So, I thought I'd show my markers again! :)  That always cheers me up!


Ahhh, that's better!

I was asked by a fellow Northern Irelander where I got my markers as they are not freely available here.  I have to admit that my extremely generous mummy and daddy got most of them for me for various birthday/Christmas presents.  I have added a few to my collection myself and I had to buy them over the internet.  And you're right, they are so expensive, but so worth it!


Oops, a bit over-exposed there...
I also have to thank my lovely aunt who brought my copic stands over to me from America.  They're also hard to get here and 3 times more expensive than they are in the states!  So I got my 3 from America for the price of 1 here.


Not forgetting my beloved pro-markers.  I've had these bad boys from before I got my copics and although I lost them to my brother for a while, I managed to claim them back and they're back in use again.  I coloured stickers with each marker before sticking it to the flat lid of each pen to easily show their colours, then I put an elastic band around each colour group - that leaves it so handy to pick which ones I want to use.

And last but not least..


I've got some Tria markers and Flex markers stored in tins behind the other markers.

Maybe next week my desk will be back to it's usual mess.

For now though, I think I'll have a lemsip and go to my nice warm bed.  Sniff sniff

Thanks for looking and for all your lovely comments


jude said...

Wow a crafter after my own heart love copics and your stand is fab.Im afraid not promarker person i got my copics first and far better than promarkers ive tried.
I hat to think how many copics i have must admit havent bought any for months ,now into T/Holtz stains so theats a collection.Gosh we crafter never stop collecting..lol
Happy woyww judex 14

Kemma said...

Such fun! What a great idea to color stickers on the top. I only have a couple copics and a few Letraset markers, just getting my feet wet so far. This WOYWW is such fun! Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

wow! i have never heard of those markers. if they don't come from crayola i probally haven't used them!!!! love the rainbow!

Anonymous said...

wow! i have never heard of those markers. if they don't come from crayola i probally haven't used them!!!! love the rainbow!

Sarah said...

Hi Sheena, most impressed with the marker collection! Am slowly building up my Promarkers - around 20 or so left to get but have got all the (current!) Flexmarkers.

Never really got into Copics tho, altho when I see the results people get with them I'm tempted. I'm held back by knowing that hubby would hit the roof and that I also have Prisma pencils and think that is probably enough!

Hope the Lemsips work and the cold leaves you soon.


May said...

Wow, Love the markers, I just have promarkers, tooooo expensive to buy copics, But love the idea of using a band to keep the colours of the promarkers together, clever girl,Thanks for that tip x x Hugs May x x x x

Anne said...

Wow Sheena what a gorgeous WOYWW - a lovely splash of colour! I love my markers as well. I have been a naughty girl and just completed my collection of pro markers- ready to start a new collection hee hee - what shall I choose? Hope you are feeling better today. Anne x

Julia Dunnit said...

I love how passionate we all are about different areas of craft....I can't remember the last time I used a marker - but I love to see that great swathe of colour on your desk, and read of your enjoyment in your collection.

Lou said...

OHHH love your copic stand, i haven't seen one like that before, what a lovely family you have. I love my copics and also have pro-markers, i don't let anyone use the copics but my daughter was allowed to use the pro-markers while she was doing her Art GCSE. Have a good weekend Lou x#94

Lou said...

Forgot to say Hope your feeling better now x

Katie said...

I do love that marker storage! Its funny how non crafters don't get it. Like when I resorted all of my small brads/buttons/etc into color coordinated bins. My boyfriend thought I was crazy, since it took hours. He just didn't get how satisfying it is to see all the colors lined up, or why I need so many buttons, but I like them!

Happy WOYWW (on Monday!)
Katie #16

Chrizette said...

Oh wow! I am going totally green over here! What a collection of markers!! We have the same problem here in South Africa. Promakers (which I use) are much, MUCH more expensive here and it is just cheaper to buy them online.
Celestial Things