Wayhey, I'm back on!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hello everyone!

Apologies for my long absence, but I couldn't get logged into blogger since I got a new computer just after christmas and lost my password. It is also down to me for not trying overly hard to find it mostly down to the fact that I haven't been feeling the best. Just after new year I got a chest infection which still hasn't cleared up and I'm just getting cold after flu after cold...

Anyway, I'm on now and have a few bits to sort out to show you but only a few, my mojo has been non-extistant since the new year, but hopefully this will start my motivation back up again!

Looking forward to catching up with everyone again!


Spyder said...

Welcome back, hope you feel tip top soon!

Chrissie said...

So lovely to see you back Sheena! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you've been up to.
lol Chrissie xx

Louise said...

Nice to have you back Sheena :)

Rufus said...

I'm sure that as you start to feel better Mr. Mojo will too! Get better soon

Nannieflash said...

WELCOME BACK Sheena, its so lovely to have you back in blogland, Im not surprised you lost your password Im apt to do that to. Looking forward to seeing some work from you now, take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx