My new craft room!!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Hi all!

I've finally got my new craft room finished last night!! I started moving stuff on saturday and was carrying boxes into my house at 2am sunday morning!! The furniture was moved on sunday in gale force winds - a desk almost landed in my precious Bert (my mini) but thankfully that disaster was avoided! Thanks to my brother in law for helping me move the furniture - he was astounded that I managed to get it all to fit into my tiny second bedroom!! But I got it all to fit! I had a little path around all the boxes of stash in my kitchen and living room until I got it all sorted away on monday night and last night, I couldn't believe I have so much stuff!! (well, I knew rightly, I just didn't want to admit it!!)

Here's the before picture of the room when it was my second bedroom..


Hardly room to swing a cat (not that I'd do that anyway, think of the mess it'd make! JK!)

And here's the after picture of my new craft room!!

Ta dah!!...


i do have a lot less space than I had in my parents attic, but at least it's my space. And I think it was a genious idea to flip the 2 bookshelves upside down and put them on top of the desks. I still have plenty of work space and I have everything within easy reach!


I thought I'd use this oppurtunity to join in on Julia's blog for "What's on your workdesk wednesday". Perfect oppurtunity saying as it's just newly sorted and relatively tidy!! lol!!
So at the minute there's not much to comment on except a chrsitmassy image that I've coloured and is waiting to be made into a card, and a handbag charm that is the first thing I made in my new craft room. I'll probably blog it later, so I'll not say any more about it.

So there you go, I'm looking forward to getting home from work (in about half an hour) and getting stuck into making something! I'll try to post my desk again next week - I'm sure it won't look quite as pretty!!

Thanks for dropping by!



Susie Sugar said...

Oh wow Sheena what a fab transformation darling your family won't see you for days once you step in there you have everything to keep you going with the TV and DVD player etc all you need is a kettle and chocolate !!!
Love Susie xx

Jessie said...

Have fun in your new craft room, it looks fab!

Susie Sugar said...

ps I like the bit about swinging the cat !!! lol....yuck

Sam said...

what a fabulous craft room - my smallest bedroom is my craft room/library!! I still need more room though as I am forever shifting stuff around!!

Nikki said...

What a fantastic New craft room it looks great and wow on that paper stash :)
I'm sure you'll be having tons of fun in there that's what I could use a mini Tv
hugs Nikki

Carmen said...

A whole room, I'm so jealous :D It looks fantastic and yup, ingenious to turn the book shelves upside down. It llooks a fabulous space and like you say - it's yours!

Anonymous said...

Ta Dah indeed - it looks awesome - it was a brilliant idea with the book shelves - looks like there is a place for everything, and everything is in it's place... For now!!! :o) love your new craft room xx Shell xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Wellit looks fab to me..happy new craft room. SO worth the effort! Lookig forward tonext week now - to see if you're a tidier or a 'push back' crafter!!

Kaz said...

You're right it's far too tidy!! But how lovely to get your own craft room *sigh* I remember when mine was new and like that! x

Chrissie said...

Oh Sheena this looks fabulous sweetie! How lovely to be able to have it all at home so you can pop in and craft whenever you like!
Glad you didn't have any disasters whilst moving, you certainly picked a good weekend (not!)
Love the bookcase idea and I'm just waiting to see what it looks like next week lol!

Nannieflash said...

Well Sheena knowing from my own experience you will soon be overflowing into your own bedroom, but youve done a brilliant job and I want to wish you a wonderful and creative time in your new room. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxx

Mina said...

far too tidy lol...brilliant crafting space, amazing what you fit in when you have too isnt it lol
Mina xxx

Spyder said...

Tidier that mine, and about the same size!! Lucky you!!

iReneM said...

You lucky girl, having a whole room to yourself!!!
It looks great.